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  • For Like Ever Engagement Balloon
    For Like Ever Engagement BalloonFor Like Ever Engagement BalloonFor Like Ever Engagement Balloon

    For Like Ever Engagement Balloon

    CONGRATS, or as a THANK YOU to someone who had your back when the chips were down (we HATE it when we drop our chips). Or why not mark a WEDDING day you can't make or kick off HEN PARTY celebrations with some instructions to the secret plans attached? Whatever your reason, they'll love you forever. 

    Each Hippenings balloon is lovingly made by hand, including the delicately cut, colourful confetti and bespoke, stitched tails. On arrival, the perfectly round bubble balloon will float out of the box, bringing fun and colour to its new owner and the box will contain a gorgeous gilded Hippenings card containing your personal message. 

    THE DEETS: Delivery is included in the cost of each balloon. Please order AT LEAST 48 HOURS before your chosen delivery date. This service is currently only available in the Republic of Ireland, with delivery from Tuesday to Friday. At checkout, please include the name, address and mobile number of the balloon's recipient, but use your own email address. (Don't worry, the courier will only call the number if they can't find the house - they don't want to ruin the surprise either!) 

    • Box size 500x400x500
    • 20inch balloon
    • Tail 70cm long approximately.
    • Each balloon comes with a weight for displaying once removed from box 
    • Please choose the courier option at checkout
    • The recipient must be at the address to receive the balloon - failing that, the courier will attempt delivery again the following day. 




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Select a balloon, fill out the delivery address, add a message and order online.



Your gift is parceled up & the message is added. It’s then sent out for delivery.



On arrival it will float up out of the box and a little Hippenings happiness is spread!