As 2015 draws to a close, we're looking ahead to a shiny new year and feeling reflective about the one that's passed. Being a nation of passionate so-and-sos, every year, certain things catch our collective imaginations in a big way, so I've compiled a list (because that's what the internet is for, duh) of the ten biggest Irish obsessions of 2015. 

1. Makeup palettes

In 2015, makeup wasn't makeup unless it came in palette form. Top of the list had to be the much-coveted Pippa Palette, followed closely by any of Urban Decay's triple whammy; the Naked SmokyVice 4 or Gwen Stefani palettes. Throw in a Blank Canvas' Master Palette and you have yourself a partay! Admittedly, we only own two eyeballs each, but that didn't mean we didn't want them all. No, Sir! And sure listen, as we've decided not to split hairs, you might as well lob a Smashbox Full Exposure Palette and Inglot Christmas Palette in the basket too. Cheers. 

2. Snapchat

The micro-vlogging app took over our lives this year, when the nation's naysayers (guilty, your honour) pulled a 180 and became completely obsessed (yep) overnight. It brought many of us together, introduced us to the genius that is James squared (Kavanagh and Butler, if you've been living under a rock that doesn't have wifi) and inspired the Snapchat Bridies; a personal 2015 highlight. 

3. Diaries/Agendas

When it came to getting organised in 2015, all things digital took a back seat, letting oldskool paper diaries have their moment. Bando-mania swept the nation when THOSE agendas hit our virtual shelves and they sold out as soon as they arrived. Every. Single. Time. But just when we thought they were the only agendas in town, Kate Spade sauntered in nonchalantly and dropped the most beautiful collection of understated diaries ever. We never stood a chance, lads!

4. Events

No longer satisfied with watching our fave models, bloggers and influencers on TV or online, 2015 was the year of the meet and greet. From blogger conferences to book signings, the universe turned inside out and our virtual worlds become reality, as we got up close and personal with our fave instagrammers and internet stars. 

5. Makeup Brushes

Remember when we owned one makeup brush for each part of our face? Or, bless us and save us, used the brush that came with the product? *gasps* We've come a long way, baby, and now have personal collections that rival the pros'. And Ireland has produced some seriously great, homegrown brush brands like Nima Brush and Blank Canvas, to name but two. Gerrupouadat!

6. Stationery

Oh it wasn't just agendas that got us hot around the collar this year, paper goods in all their splendour had something of a renaissance. None of your plain lined jotters for us though - if it's not beautifully bound with the finest quality paper and gorgeous typography, no dice. 

7. Contouring

Star Wars contour anyone? From the effective to the ridiculous, the internet brought us method after method of sculpting our face, in 2015.

8. Brunch

Hardly a new thing, but in 2015, brunch went from popular Irish weekend activity, to Sunday prerequisite. The only questions were: "Where will we go?" and "Do they take bookings?"

9. Kate Spade

Being an Irish stockist, we miiiight have helped encourage this one a little, but it's not just our savage collection of stationery and wedding bits and bobs (ahem) that the nation has lost its mind for - oh no! All things kate spade new york; from handbags and notebooks to THAT stapler (hashtag stapler of dreams), have inspired noises from women that only dogs can hear. 

10. Justin Bieber 

OK, I did NOT see this one coming. Previously a purveyor of tweeny pop and embarrassingly juvenile behaviour, Justin and his music came of age this year and we all proudly declared our newfound Belieber status. (Lads, the actual hack of him though. Scarlet for our lives.)

So there you have it! What have I left out? Snap me or leave me a Facebook comment with your suggestions. 

While I have you, I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much your for your support and amazing encouragement over the last four months. My Hippenings baby is now a toddler and you're all his favourite aunties. We've a long way to go and many exciting plans in the works - and I'm loving every minute. 

Thank you and the happiest of new years to you! 

 - Laura xx