Hello everyone! 

I can hardly believe it's finally time. Blood, sweat and tears (literally, on all counts) have been shed in the last year and a lot of sleepless nights were spent researching, figuring things out, making things up and daring to dream. But, we're here. 

I'll keep this brief (mostly because I need a nap), but I just wanted to say a few words of thanks, if I may.

Firstly, to Colm. You know how it is; when you're in the thick of things, they're in the thick of things (whether they like it or not!) But he remained his usual patient, awesome self throughout. I'll never really understand that whole 'patience' phenomenon. All I can do is appreciate it when it comes from others. Thank you, Colm.

Everyone, from my closest friends to awesome strangers, has been incredibly encouraging and supportive. Particularly in the last few weeks when my Snapchats were becoming more and more frantic and APBs were being put out by my nearest and dearest, who hadn't seen me in ages. That's when you need the love the most and that's when it came thick and fast. Thank you, so much. 

Kathyrn, Iain and the rest of the team at Slater Design - thank you for bringing the harebrained idea in my head to life and totally 'getting it' from the start. Thanks to Anita Sadowska (and Don, of course); the genius behind our gorgeous shoot. The ridiculously lovely Carmel Daly on styling, and Roy Wong and Helen Kenny on makeup and hair respectively. And not forgetting two of the most beautiful faces in the industry; Grace and Yomiko. Thank you! #dreamteam

More than anyone, I have my incredible Stepfather, Robbie to thank for all of this. Belief is a bloody powerful thing, and it's something he seems to have endless amounts of, when it comes to me. You can't buy that. Thank you, Robbie. We all love you more than you could ever fathom. 

Laura x

PS: I tried not to mention Mark, but here I am, failing miserably. This ones for you, Mr. The Cat, Hippenings mascot extraordinaire.